Recruitment for Crews through AUDITION!

Who says work can't be fun?!? Our crews are "on the stage all the time", while crafting ice cream Creations™ behind the counter, they often break into Cold Stone Creamery® songs! Though we sell the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience™, we're really in the entertainment business! That is why our "Experience Factor" is crucial to the Cold Stone Creamery® environment and it is meant to lend a fun, festive atmosphere in our stores and to set us apart from the competition. Cold Stone Creamery® crew members naturally need to be able to carry that tune. Applicants need to demonstrate lively, outgoing, fun-loving personalities during the recruitment process hence we name it an AUDITION!

Cold Stone Creamery® likes applicants with enthusiasm and ability to have fun with the task. Throughout the entire audition, in a individual round and group round, candidates need to exhibit energetic, friendly, and courteous attitudes. Applicants will participate in team-building activities, so our "Recruiters cum Judge Panel" with country's renowned celebrities can gauge personality traits and cooperative skills. But please note that you will never be judged on your ability to actually sing well, we only see your personality and spontaneity. We need all kind of crews; those who are are nice, who are fun to be with, who are trainable, who can multi-task, who have outgoing personalities, and are passionate towards work! So be yourself, let loose, join us for a unique experience and have fun!!!

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